How To Find A WPA Key or How To Find A WPA Key On A Wireless Network (Router/Mifi)

How To Find A WPA Key On A Wireless Network (Router/Mifi)

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A WPA key is a password usually used to confirm the identity of a user. It is typically a string of characters that you use to connect to a wireless network. A WPA password is usually features in any router or Mifi network device. In some cases, a default WPA passcode or password is always printed on a router or Mifi when you get it. If you can’t remember the password on your router, you may reset it.

How A WPA Key Works
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How A WPA Key Works

What is WPA? It stands for Wi-Fi protected access. There are three versions of the type, which replaced an earlier, a Web, a less secure system called wired equivalent privacy type. Whichever version your devices use as default, they generally require a password to access a wireless network of your Mifi or router. Your communications are encrypt to prevent eavesdropping immediately you get connection success.

WPA3 is the latest version that provides the most protection, including public networks like a train station or coffee.

It’s generally a good idea to only share your Wi-Fi password with people you trust. However, the passcode may be use by the hacker to spy on you or access your devices.

How To Find A WPA Key
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How To Find A WPA Key On A Router Or Mifi

Generally, if you’re using a public Wi-Fi hot spot network or at the market place, you can get the key from whoever administers the connection. Sometimes you’re at somebody’s house, request the network password from your host.

Suppose it’s your own network and forget the password, You can easily find a WPA Key of your router or Mifi, usually found on a printed paper, if you’ve not changed it. A default password printed on the device and labeled, for instance, “WPA Password” or “Network Security Key.”

An SSID number on the device will also be printed as the default name for your network. You can easily access your Mifi or router’s configuration settings through a computer connected with your network and change the router or Mifi name and password.


Resetting A Password

Suppose you don’t know your Wi-Fi network’s password. It will be challenging to connect to it. Fortunately, you can reset the password on your router or MiFi if you forget or lose the password.

Usually, a button is available to press on your router or Mifi to restore it to factory settings, including its default password. The default password is often available on the device itself. 

After resetting the Mifi or router’s password, any devices that have the password saved will need to be reconnected, including PCs, smartphones, TV boxes, and smart TVs. Change the password to the one you can easily remember. Ensure that it contains at least a Capital letter and special characters.  

Lastly, read your Mifi or router’s documentation found online or manual or contact the manufacturer for help. 

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