Marketing: Definition, Types And Benefits of Marketing

As a manager or researcher. It may be challenging to define marketing even though it is part of your daily activities. It has to do with business involving producer, retailer, and consumer. 

Marketing Definition

According to Julie Barile (The Vice-president of Ecommerce, Fairway market), Who said that “Marketing is traditional means by which an organization communicates to connect with an engaged its target to convey the value of and ultimately sell its products and services. However, since the advent of social media, digital media, and technology innovation. Marketing has rapidly become more about companies building a more in-depth, more meaningful, and lasting relationship with the people they want to buy their products and services. 

According (AMA) Board of Directors, It is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, and society at large.

Meanwhile, It is regarded as the actions or messages that cause movement or messages mentioned in the New Revolution.

When we mention marketing, brand and marketing research is part and parcel of it so that the concept of marketing is emphasized.


What is a Brand?

A brand can be a name, term, symbol, design, and any other characteristics that describe a seller’s goods and services as unique from the other sellers. 

An intangible asset is intend to generate distinctive images and relationships in stakeholders’ minds to create economic benefits. According to DR. Philip Kotler, a brand is part of convincing people that your brand (Product and services) are best. And secure the relationship building with customers, as Majorie Clayman said. 

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Marketing Research

It can be regard as a data using to identify the opportunities and problems. It is also generate, refine and evaluate marketing approaches.

Marketing research manages and implements the collected data, analyse the result to solve the problem. And links the producer, consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through information.


Types of Marketing

Influencer Marketing

It focuses on contacting the individual who impacts the potential buyers. It design marketing activities around this individual to make a brand message to an extensive market. 

Influence marketing involves celebrities, content creators, and others to get the word out of their behalf relationship marketing. It has to do with tactics and strategies for driving customers to build loyalty. The impacts of behavioral advertising, analytics, and database marketing focus on exact consumers and make loyalty programs.


Viral Marketing can be best describe as a thing that encourages people to move along a message. The word “Viral” here mimics the process of transmitting a virus or disease such as Covid-19 from one person to another.


Keyword Marketing are those keywords used by an individual to get information about a particular product in search engines like Google, Bings, Yandex, Yahoo, Baidu, e.t.c. It involves delivering the message in front of users through the keywords or phrases used in Google or Bing, or Yahoo.

One of the vital keyword marketing is that it gives the advertiser or seller the ability to reach the right audience with the right messages or service. It involves placing ads through a search engine, Application, or website through the keyword used.

Social Media

Marketers or sellers can use social media, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, to impression audiences at any time.


A blog and website is another means of advertising in front of a large audience engagement visitors or traffic through published posts or articles.


Marketers can create educational video content to promote and place video content in social media like Facebook adverts or Youtube. Learn how to create stunning professional videos to promote your business.


It implements a creative marketing strategy and aims to get the best result from the lowest available resources.

4Ps of Marketing

Products: It can be describe as either products or services. It comprises of attributes of an item (benefits, functions, features, uses, Price). 

Price: As to do formal ratio that signifies the quantity of the money, goods, or services required to prescribe quantity of goods and services. It is the amount that a seller put on goods or services. And it is the cause of the purchase for a customer to get a product or services. 

Placement or Distribution: Placement in marketing means distribution, i.e., delivering goods and services to customers. It regards the extensive coverage of the market for a particular product or service. 

Promotion: According to ANA ( Association of National Advertisers), Promotion in marketing involves strategies and tactics that facilitate the short-term purchase, quantity, and influencer trial of purchase and are exact measurable in profit, volume, and share. The best examples are premium, special packaging offers, coupon e.t.c.

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