Rare Candy Unlimited Cheats For Pokemon FireRed

Undoubtedly, “Pokemon FireRed” is a new version of the original. “Pokemon FireRed” was released in late 2017 for the Game Boy Advance, accompanied by “Pokemon LeafGreen.” You can find unlimited rare candies scattered throughout the world in the game, although they are very rare as their name refers. Thankfully, you can use different cheats to receive unlimited rare candies in the game.


How To Receive Unlimited Rare Candies Cheats On GameShark

Do you know that you can use a GameShark cheating device to receive unlimited rare candies on your gaming PC? First, you will need to embed the GameShark into your Game Boy Advance and then embed your copy of “Pokemon FireRed” into the GameShark. Now power on the Game Boy Advance and enter the following digits “820258400044” at the GameShark code display on the screen. Press “Start” to open the game as usual. Now go to the nearest Pokemon Center and check the PC. Then go to “My PC,” and you will see an unlimited number of rare candies. Although those numbers of rare candies may be jargon like “x8B9,” you can extract as many as you want and never run out.


Action Replay

An Action Replay device is comparable to a GameShark though a different company makes it. The method and idea are the same, although the code is not the same. Set the Action Replay device into the Nintendo Game Boy Advance mode and put your copy of “FireRed” into the Action Replay. Switch the device on and, when pop up, enter the following code “77db5497 d7ee8c96” at the code screen. Now launch the game as usual and proceed to the Pokemon Center that is very closest to you. Move to the PC and copy out as many rare candies as you want.


You can use a device such as GameShark or an Action Replay to alter your game file that can corrupt your saved data and, in some cases, even delete the whole game file itself. In addition to the potentiality of losing your saved data, your game will become unavailable to use in any Nintendo Pokemon VGC games. Suppose you will not be entering any games. In that case, you do not need to worry, but if you are scaring. Rest assure that Nintendo uses a game checker option before every tournament on every user that verifies whether the game has been altered or not.

Rare Candy Unlimited Cheats For Pokemon FireRed

Pickup Method To Receive Unlimited Rare Candies Cheats

Although this process takes less time to execute and is the safest method to get unlimited rare candies, it will not damage the saved game file. There is no uncertainty of damaging the data. Get any Pokemon that associates with the “Pickup” ability. Zigzagoon is the popular Pokemon that comprehends “Pickup.” Move around in the tall grass, and Zigzagoon will get a 5 percent possibility of picking up a rare candy. Therefore, as the number of items picked up increases, a higher level of Zigzagoon is obtained. Think of using repels to prevent any battles from transpiring while you are trying to get rare candies. For more details on how to get infinite rare candy, Evolution Stones and Fossils, see this video.


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