Why Can’t I See Some Of My Friends Online On Facebook

Facebook messager lets you call and chat in real-time with your Facebook friends. Your current active or online friends got displaying with a small green dot close to their names. These active friends are the first to read your posts and read your message. Suppose you open a Facebook messenger app or using a desktop through the browser, and you failed to see any of your friends online. You need to make some changes in settings to allow the chat system to function well as expected.


Enable The Facebook Friends Chat Feature

Suppose your Facebook friends aren’t showing up or indicated as “online,” then the first thing to come to your mind to check is that you have the chat feature enabled. If the “Chat” option in the lower-right corner of the window, it simply means the “Chat” option is “OFF.” All you need to do is enable it by clicking on it to allow the “Chat” and show the list of active friends.


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Enable The Chat For Individual Friends

Facebook keeps privacy serious, and you can manage your account to control your friend’s accessibility to your information. You can turn on the chat option and as well off it for other friends. 

Suppose you turn-off the chat option, then that individual won’t appear online to be online for you. To fix this, click on the friend’s name in the messenger or chat list poped-up. The next thing is to click on the gear icon at the upper right corner of the chat window. If the third menu option is “Turn on Chat for (Friend’s Name), click on it to select it.

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Your Friends Might Be Using Facebook Mobile Version

Suppose most of your friends are using a smartphone to Facebooking, then they may not appear online in the same manner as the friends used to Facebook on a desktop version. Online Facebook friends usually have a small grey phone icon display next to their names instead of a small green dot indicated online friends. Feel free to start a chat session with your friends on mobile even they do not appear online. You will get a reply instantly if the friend is online as your messages delivered straight to their mobile. You can also learn how to see someone’s Facebook timeline without being friends.

Why Can't I See Some Of My Friends Online On Facebook
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Your Facebook Friends Chat Features Might Be Turned-Off For You Only

You can manage and control who can access your information on Facebook. Just as you can turn off the chat for a friend, your friends can also turn off the chat. If your friends did this to you, then these friends of yours won’t appear online for you as well. The best way to get this fix is to send them text messages and ask to turn on chat for you if you have such a friend’s offline contact number or see this video. These are the potential reasons why can’t I see some of my friends online on Facebook and how to fix it. All these issues lies on Facebook privacy and how to protect it.

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