Youtube Keep Pausing: Why And How To Resolve Youtube Pausing Clip

Suppose you’re experiencing issues with regular pausing of YouTube videos. In that case, the most likely reason is that your Internet connection speed is terrible to meet up with the streaming video’s demands at the selected quality. Other possible causes include a technical fault with YouTube’s server congestion. Also a conflict with another installed program on your system. Or you’re having an issue with your system browser or one of its extensions.

Youtube Keep Pausing: Why And How To Resolve Youtube Pausing Clip
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Why And How To Resolve Youtube Keep Pausing

Internet Speed

If your Internet connection is weak, so much so that you cannot stream YouTube videos to your computer at high speed. The streaming clip will pause while the next section is buffered. To increase the bandwidth available to YouTube, you need to shut down any other opened browser tabs. And other software that may be consuming the internet connection. You can also try to adjust the video playback’s quality using the gray gear icon on the navigation bar. To running a speed test on your network connection (for instance, through From here you can evaluate whether your current download speeds are at high speed as promised by your ISPN.


Browser Problems Causes Youtube Pausing Clip

Suppose your network connection isn’t causing YouTube to pause regularly, then the browser might be. Checking YouTube in another browser can help you to determine whether or not this is the case. Clearing your browser’s history, cookies, and temporary file cache can actively give the program a fresh slate. And at the same time maybe enough to get YouTube working fine again. You can learn How To Clear App Cache On Android Device.

You should also check the add-ons and extensions running on top of your browser and disable any that might be stopping YouTube (such as video codec extensions or streaming file managers). It is highly recommended to keep your browser and its plugins updated with the latest version. Ensures the highest compatibility with YouTube and the technology that underpins it.

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Other Software

Another instance is that a third-party program on your system is preventing YouTube clip keep pausing. It could be an automatic backup software trying to download files from the cloud server. Sometimes, a security application mistakenly recognizes YouTube as a threat, or a torrenting program consuming the available bandwidth resources. Suppose you have any other program running in the background while streaming YouTube. It would be best if you shut down these programs one after the other to detect any improvement in the flawlessly of the video playback.

YouTube Faults

The YouTube platform hardly experiences technical flaws and bugs that cause issues Youtube keep pausing. Waiting a few moments and then playing the video again may resolve to watch it without any problems. Check the identified issues page in the YouTube Help Center online to find more information about the current issues being dealt with by the YouTube engineers.

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