How To Link Apollo5 IPTV On Receiver With Android Phone

Apollo5 IPTV is one of the most widely used, mainly on the digital satellite receiver that supports this feature. You can only watch on the satellite STBs but find it challenging to use on Android phones.


The company has released a new version that allows users to link Apollo5 subscription on their receiver with an Android phone using the barcode scanner app. This feature gives room for the user to watch TV programs on the mobile and the satellite receiver. 

So, in this post, I will be discussing how to link Apollo5 IPTV with your android phone.

How To Link Apollo5 IPTV On Satellite Receiver With Android Phone


  • Any Forever/Gshare/Funcam receiver with active Apollo5 subscription
  • Stable Internet with a minimum of 1MB/s speed
  • An android phone with at least 4.2 O.S
  • A Scanner app

Note that the below steps can link or share Apollo5 IPTV with an android phone for any receiver supporting the app. These receivers include Mediastar, Starsat, Geant, Tiger, and many more.

How To Link Apollo5 IPTV On Satellite Receiver With Android Phone
  1. Firstly, Launch the Apollo5 IPTV on the satellite receiver.
  2. Navigate to the Settings and then press OK on Mobile APK
  3. Open the Scanner App from your Android phone.
  4. Place the Scanner on the TV screen to download the Apollo5 IPTV app or download the Apollo5 from this link.
  5. Once the download is finished, install the app.
  6. Open the Apollo5 App, and click on Register found at the bottom.
  7. Enter your email, password and click on Send code option
  8. login to your email and copy out the code sent to your email
  9. Enter the code and click on Confirm
  10. You get a “Success” message displayed on the phone interface.
  11. Now, log in with your registered email and password.
  12. Once you click login, wait for some seconds to verify, and the home interface will appear.
  13. Click on the USER from the bottom options.
  14. Tap on the “VIP”
  15. Tap on the “Bind” option, and the Scanner in Apollo5 IPTV will be opened automatically.
  16. Scan the “Mobile Sharing” on the receiver when opening the Apollo5 IPTV
  17. Once finished scanning, you will get Binding account success – indicating that Apollo5 IPTV has been successfully linked with the Android app.
  18. Tap on the Login Again option to relaunch the app
  19. Once you are successfully login to the app interfac, you’re ready to watch any channels as both Apollo5 IPTV is link to your satellite receiver subscription.

Warning: Only one mobile device is allow to share at the same time. You will be allowed to watch VIP channels for 3 days or click on the buy option to purchase the activation code.

Compatible STB’s

It works fine on the following receiver:

You can also link up your Apollo IPTV device with Mango Cloud to enjoying premium channels from Hotbird 13, Astra 19 and many more.


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  1. Hi sir
    My first time using this and when u want to bind it didn’t work I took picture and tried it that way, it still didn’t work says.
    “qr code cannot be identified”
    Please help

  2. Preciso de ajuda, instalei o aplicativo
    Não consigo achar a opção que me permite adquirir o código da activação.
    Logo que entro em renovar, pede código da activação.
    Não sei como adquirir, o aplicativo não da opção de adquirir o código


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