How To Clear App Cache On Android Device

Over time, your phone tends to get filled with unnecessary data, affecting the device’s performance. Suppose you want to get relieved of the sloppiness and freezing of your Android device, and you need to start by cleaning the unwanted files stored in the phone’s storage. Accompanying with junk and temporary files, clear the Android cache. Most of these files hold a large amount of storage, So it is good to learn how to clean cache files on an Android device. Let’s begin with describing a bit about what cache is, and then we will show you how to clear the Android cache files. 

What are Cache files on Android? – Definitions

Cache files can be regarded as those temporary storage files that store the information on a device to do the task instantly the next time you access it. The cache files are made on the Android platform due to the applications and the web browsers configuration set up. Immediately you open a webpage on your device, it stores its data in the form of cache in the storage, so as you when you visit the same page next time, it will take a few time to open. The same applies to Android applications, as you have the app’s data stored in the phone memory. 

However, the cache files take over the memory and then contribute to the entire storage issue on your phone, thereby causing sloppiness. In most cases, old or corrupted cache files can also lead to system errors. To prevent them, you’ve to learn how to clear cache on your Android device of a particular app. This post will discuss the easy methods to clear Android cache using manual and automatic approaches. 


How To Clear Cache On Android Devices Using Smart Phone Cleaner App?

It is pretty easy to delete stuff visible to clear the cache on Android phones, but manual cleaning may be too stressful. This can also leave traces of the app cache on your device. Therefore, in any case, we strongly recommend using a dedicated Android phone cleaner application. We advise using the Smart Phone Cleaner app because it is a popular Android cleaning mobile application to boost its performance. It is developed to clean up junk and unwanted files from the phone storage and free up spaces. It comes with many unique tools to improve your Android user experience. Here are the features of the Smart Phone Cleaner App

  • Clears up storage.
  • Delete Duplicate Files.
  • Remove Junk and cache files.
  • Boost Game Speed.
  • Hibernate Apps.
  • Clears WhatsApp data.
  • AppLock.
  • App Manager.
  • CPU Cooler.
  • Battery Saver.
  • File Explorer (Decompress and Extraction files).

Step 1: First of all, download the SmartPhone Cleaner app from the Google Play Store using the link below.

Step 2: Open the app, and then on the home screen, click on the Tap To Boost option. This will optimize your Android device automatically for outstanding performance by removing the junk, cache, and duplicates files. It will also prevent apps from running in the background to enhance your battery life. 

Alternatively, if you want to clean the cache stored in the android storage, navigate to the Junk Files option and click on it. 

Step 3: Tap on the Clean Now option.

Once completed, it will clear the external and internal app cache on your android device. 

How To Clear Cache On Android Device Manually?

How To Clear Cache On Android Device Manually?

Suppose you have enough time to spend using this method can also clear the Android cache. All smartphones come with different OS, a few steps may vary, but generally, you can use the same approach to clear the cache.

Step 1: Firstly, Navigate to the Phone Settings, and then tap on the Storage option.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on the Cached Data option.

Once done and then confirm the message asking to clear the cache. 

Alternatively, You can clear the Android cache for a specific application, following these steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to the Phone Settings and then tap on the Apps.

Step 2: Now navigate to an app you prefer to clear and tap on it. You will have general information about the application storage and permissions option. 

Tap on Clear Data and then Clear Cache files. Once done, it will remove all the unwanted files. Note that it is not advisable to use this method on chatting apps like WhatsApp.


How To Clear App Cache On Android Device

How To Clear Cache Using Chrome Browser?

Out of all the browsers, Google Chrome is the most outstanding web browser for Android users, and therefore, we will show you how to clear cache for the same. 

Step 1:

  • Open Chrome browser, and in a tab.
  • Navigate to the right corner and tap on the vertical three dots options.
  • Scroll down to navigate and tap on the History.

Step 2: Click on the Clear browsing data option at the right side.

Step 3: Under the options, you’ll have two options to clear data, i.e., Basic and Advanced. After choosing any one you like, mark the box for Cached images and files. And in the Time range, preferably select All time. 

Scroll down and click on Clear data. Wait for few seconds to get the job done. That is how all the cached files and images in the chrome web browser on your Android device are erased.


The web browser automatically creates Cache files on Android in the background and the applications and loads up the storage, making Android slow in performance. And to remove the cache on Android, you can use any of the methods mentioned above. However, we strongly recommend using the Smart Phone Cleaner app for much easier access and fast outcomes. Download it for your Android device now.

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