How To Get PayPal Money On Hold Or Pending Faster

There are many reasons why PayPal won’t release your money on hold while still on pending status. One of the objectives of PayPal is to provide a safe transaction environment for both the seller and buyer. Today, PayPal is the most accessible platform to set up without waiting for approval before sending and receiving funds. In this post, I will guide you on how to get your PayPal money on hold with pending status and release faster. You can learn how to create a UAE PayPal account that send and receive money in Nigeria.

Why is my PayPal Payment on Hold Balance or Pending?

Why is my PayPal Payment on Hold Balance or Pending?

Your money may be on hold or pending because of the following reasons:

  • The money you received may be considered unusual for your selling pattern or a higher amount than expected.
  • Your PayPal account was inactive for a long time.
  • PayPal detected an unusual change in the selling price of this transaction or account activity.
  • You are selling an item that can potentially cause dissatisfaction with customers.
  • If PayPal detected that you only recently started selling outside of the eBay platform, your history with us as an off-eBay seller is relatively low.

Holding funds availability is a standard industry system we implement to help ensure the safe and guaranteed use of PayPal by both buyers and sellers. PayPal does this to ensure there is sufficient money in your primary PayPal account to resolve any issues that may occur on your account, like chargebacks or disputes. Don’t worry. You own the money. It’s just temporarily not available to spend or transfer until your buyer confirms and receives the item they ordered from you in the condition promised.


When will I have access to My PayPal Hold Balance?

If there aren’t any issues with your PayPal account or transactions, such as a customer filing a dispute, the payment will automatically become available within 21 days. You won’t be able to send money or make a purchase online with pending balance.

PayPal Pending And Hold Money: How can I get access to my Funds faster?

PayPal Pending And Hold Money: How can I get access to my Funds faster?

You can help to get the eligible payment released after 48hours by doing one of the following steps:

Step 1: Add Tracking Number

Use one of our approved shipping carriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, or Emirate Post, and PayPal will release the hold or pending money 1 day after the courier confirms delivery.

Step 2: Update the order status

If the held payment is for a virtual service or item that does not involve shipping (e.g., SEO optimizations on Fiverr, IPTV, lessons, e-book, donation), and you’ll get your money in 7 days. You could get a hold of PayPal money faster after 48hour if the buyer confirmed the order. 

Step 3: Print USPS or UPS shipping labels 

PayPal will track the item and release the hold 1 day after the courier confirms delivery.

Otherwise, the money will be released up to 21 days after receiving it automatically, provided there isn’t any dispute with your transaction with the buyer. 

Here’s how you can add tracking details or change the order status as follows: 

  1.  Click on Activity
  2. Locate the exact transaction you would like to update, then click Get your money
  3. If you sold a product, select Product to add tracking information or print the shipping label directly. 
  4. If you sold an intangible item or service, select Service or virtual product to confirm order status. 
  5. Click Submit


PayPal will withhold any money from sales because you’re new to PayPal, or we have a limited selling history on this account. And to get your PayPal hold balance or pending status payment completed, then you must obey these rules:

  • Process 10 payments for goods and services.
  • Process ‪200 USD‬ in sales at different transactions.
  • Have no disputes for the first 60 days.
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