Moreplex TV: Everything You Need To Know

Some channels were spotted working on Belintersat 52.5e by Moreplex TV due to ongoing test transmission. Most of these channels are full of entertainment, including movies from the top ethnic group in Nigeria, i.e., Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo movies. This post will guide you on how to get Moreplex TV channels installed on your decoder and fix the signal on your satellite dish.

About Moreplex TV

It is a new dawn of Pay TV Services in Africa Moreplex Tv as a subsidiary of Moreplex Global Ltd, or a MoreplexInc company. This digital TV provider operates under 9ja Ltd – a Direct To Home Tv service platform. Moreplex TV is currently exploring the initiative of providing multi-purpose digital Free to Air (FTA), Free to View (FTV), and pay-tv services that include DTH, DTT, and VOD platforms.

Moreplex TV (a 9ja Ltd company) is a Direct To Home (DTH) TV platform that is the new dawn of Pay TV Services that redefines entertainment television for the one billion people in Africa. We are broadening our horizons to provide multi-purpose Free To Air (FTA), Free To View (FTV), and Pay TV services that cover DTH, Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT), and Video On Demand (VOD).

Presently, we have established our DTH platform in Lagos, Nigeria. We are still on the march for others.

Moreplex TV business model is a digital Pay TV platform in Nigeria that will deliver on a different platform with encrypted premium channels for our dear subscribers in separate packages at reasonable low-price subscription for every African as a whole to afford.

In addition, Moreplex TV will also offer SVOD and TVOD services to the delight of her subscribers. Our Set-Up Boxes (STBs) or decoder will be into two several models to provide different services accordingly.

Moreplex will also offer a video download app where our esteem customers can stream live content and videos for a fee linked to the STB. For more details visit official website of Moreplex.


Moreplex TV uses the best satellite companies in the world to deliver world-class digital broadcasting services to our proposed huge subscribers across the continent of Africa. Our satellite footprint cannot be over-emphasized. Moreplex TV covering the whole of Sub Saharan Africa, and we are looking forward to the SADC countries of southern Africa.

The Frequency Used By The Moreplex TV on Belintersat At 51.5E.

  • Dish Size: 60cm dish above
  • Satellite: Belintersat at 51.5E
  • SLTV Frequency: 11010
  • Polarization: Horizontal
  • Symbol Rate: 30000

Before you proceed to track your dish, I request you to get the following tools ready:

  1. Dishpointer App
  2. A Digital Satfinder
  3. Hammer, Spanner of different sizes, Screwdriver, and a ladder
  4. A Moreplex decoder and TV

Note: If you already point or installed your satellite dish antenna on TStv or Mytv Africa, then you don’t need to take the steps below. You only need to have H.265 codec decoder to get Moreplex channels.

How Do I Point My Dish To Get SLTV Africa Channels

  • Firstly, check the ladder is well placed on the ground, and the dish pole is strong enough to hold the dish.
  • Use the dish pointer app to find satellite information such as inclination, Azimuth, and LNB screw adjustment. Write those details down on a sheet of paper.
  • Set the Azimuth according to the value written down.
  • Lose the inclination sleeve nuts allowing you to move the dish up and down.
  • Set up the Satfinder accordingly, i.e., Moreplex TV Satellite is Belintersat 51.5e using frequency 11010 H 30000.
  • Raise your dish to 51.5 degrees. Once you get the signal, tight the inclination sleeve nuts.
  • Try to improve the signal by adjusting the Azimuth from left to right and ensuring the signal is not lost; otherwise, retore it back to the original position.
  • Screw the LNB for possible signal improvement
  • Tight the sleeve nuts of both Azimuth and inclination permanently.
  • Disconnect the cable from Satfinder and connect to the Moreplex TV Africa HD decoder
  • Plug your decoder into the power socket
  • Sit back and enjoy the world of entertainment. If the Morelex TV HD decoder is not showing a picture, try to renew the subscription or call your supplier’s assistance for activation if it is a new decoder.
Moreplex TV Channels List, Satellite, Frequency, Decoder, Subscription price

Moreplex Channels List 

Moreplex TV is currently operating on one transponder, i.e., frequency 11010 V 30000. Here is a list of the Moreplex TV channels you will get on the frequency:

  1. 9JA TV
  2. TOP Sports
  3. Moreplex Music
  4. Showcase
  5. AC Royal
  6. Epic
  7. Junior
  8. AC Igbo
  9. AC Yoruba
  10. Hausa
  11. TVC News
  12. TVC Entertainment
  13. MBC Action
  14. MBC 2
  15. France 24-French
  16. France 24-English
  17. RT
  18. WAP TV
  19. TBC 1
  20. TBC 2
  21. Tanzania Safari
  22. Dove TV
  23. Al Jazeera
  24. Liberty
  25. Outdoor Sport
  26. Arewa 24

Subscription Plan

Moreplex TV is offering separate subscriptions containing different channels at various prices. For instance, with N1,000, you can access 114 channels for both local and foreign content. Other Moreplex TV subscription plans seem confusing. I believe there will be adjusting when the company is fully operating; for more details about the price and plan, visit the Moreplex TV services page. If you like to watch top European football leagues and forth coming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 considering XR TV Sport decoder.

Final Thoughts

To watch Moreplex for free right now, your digital free-to-air decoder must be H.265 encodec, and your dish must point to Belintersat 51.5E using Frequency 11010 V 30000. The company promised to add more channels based on acquisition and productions, so let’s hope to have the best viewing experience of premium contents at affordable subscription fee. If you like to watch live football matches, then SLTV is the best of option for you to enjoying the world of football with English commentary.

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