MyTV Africa: Frequency, Satellite And How To Activate My TV Decoder

Mytv Africa was the second paid-tv service in Nigeria after the African leading digital tv provider (DStv). If you’re looking for affordable digital television services to subscribe without breaking banks, then it is the best choice for you. This post will guide you on installing or pointing the satellite dish to the Mytv Satellite position along with frequency, polarization, symbol rate, and channels list. 



My TV now offers subscription-FREE access to the content carried on its satellite-delivered Television service, serving English-speaking TV households across Nigeria and other countries.

 Broadcasts are encrypted for geographic rights concerns, and towards collecting an Annual Content Delivery Contribution currently set at NGN 3,500 per authorized receiving device.

 The service comprises a mix of Nigerian and international channels, with an emphasis on the African content. It can be received (in most places) on a standard 60cm parabolic antenna (dish)

My TV Smart is relayed by the BIS1 satellite (located at 51.5° East)

Accessing the service requires a duly activated My TV Smart Card and an advanced compliant security Conax or CDCAS Digital Satellite Receiver. Current models are SRT 4940 and SRT 497S, both High Definition-capable.

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Mytv Africa Coverage And Satellite Position

 Checking the satellite footage on the Lyngsat shows that the signal coverage is almost available in Sub-Sahara and South-East Africa. The dish antennae need to point to Belintersat at 51.5e using a minimum of 60cm above. 

Mytv Africa Frequency

Satellite: Belintersat 1
Orbital Position: 51.5° East
LNB: Universal
Transponder Frequency: 11,050MHz
Polarization: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 30.000 Ms/s 
Modulation: 8 PSK 
Compression: H.264

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My TV Africa Channels And MyTV Decoder

Requirement To Point Dish To Belintersat At 51.5E

  • A Digital Satellite Finder
  • A compass App
  • Spanners of different Sizes, Hammer and Ladder
  • 60cm dish (minimum)
  • Mytv Africa Digital Decoder or Receiver

How To Install A Satellite Dish To Get Mytv Africa Channels

  • Firstly, You need to couple the dish together with other dish accessories if a newly purchased satellite dish uses a spanner and ladder to mount the dish on the wall.
  • Then connect the cable from the satellite finder to the dish antenna or use a digital satellite receiver as a satellite finder.
  • Use the compass to get the position of the dish in the sky and other satellite parameters.
  • Power on the satellite finder and proceed to the manual installation menu
  • Firstly use DStv frequency (11900 H 27500) and point the dish to Eutelsat 36A at 36.0E, partially tight the sleeve nuts on both azimuth and inclination.
  • After getting the signal for DStv, then change the frequency to Mytv Africa using 11050 H 30000 on Belintersat 51.5E satellite.
  • Point your dish to the Belintersat 51.5e by dropping your dish antenna down from the DStv position while monitoring the satfinder to get the signal
  • You may need to shit the dish slightly to the left side while standing at the back of the antenna, then move the dish up and down till you get a signal on the Mytv frequency.
  • Tight the dish sleeve nuts on both azimuth and inclination very well and ensure no movements

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Where To Buy Mytv Africa Decoder?

Depending on your location, you can work to any local market to get a Mytv Africa decoder. It is available across the West African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, the ivory coast, etc.

Hardware Compatibility

Here I’m referring to the recommended and supported Mytv Africa decoder as follows, SRT 497S (DVB2X), SRT 4915, SRT 4940, SRT 4935, SRT 4935II, SRT 4672, SRT 4675, and Strong SRT 4675A.

How To Pay For Your My TV Subscription

In Nigeria, payment for My TV subscription is possible via:

  • Recharge (Scratch) Card purchase from a My TV Dealer
  • ePIN purchase from a My TV Dealer
  • Your eTranzact Card
  • The CITISERVE point of sales nearest to you
  • The Interswitch payment system, through any branch of Acess Bank, FBN, Fin Bank, Eco Bank, UBA, Union Bank, Unity Bank, and Wema Bank
  • Any of the Interswitch Quicktellers ATM network 
  • Online at

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How To Subscribe To My TV Channels

My TV is available in Nigeria, as a subscription-free package of encrypted channels, accessible against an Annual Content Delivery Contribution, currently retailing at NGN 3,500

It now offers the following:

  • Nigerian channels:
  • International News
  • Music
  • Infotainment

 Subscribing is as simple as A, B, C.

  A Contact, your local, authorized My TV dealer;  

  B Once your system has been installed, with the dish pointed at BelIntersat 1 (51.5° East), turn on the receiver, make sure it is tuned to a My TV channel, and within minutes a picture will appear;  

  C Make sure you register your equipment online at

My TV Activation Request Form

You have to visit the activation page request and complete the steps below:

  1.  Enter your 12-digit Smart Card Number in the box below without any space or separation between the digits.
  2.  Smart Card Number (Chip ID if using Cardless SRT 497S): example: 017021234567.
  3.  Enter the Recharge PIN Number (15 or 16 digits) in the box below without any space or separation between the digits; recharge PIN Number: example: 123456789012345. Please double check your entries before submitting them. 
  4. Enter the code shown above
  5. Lastly, Click Submit the data.

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MyTV Africa: Frequency, Satellite And How To Activate My TV Decoder

My TV Channels List

  1. AIT
  2. Al Jazeera News
  3. CTGN
  4. CTGN Documentary
  5. Channels TV
  6. English Club TV
  7. France 24
  8. Galaxy TV
  9. KBS World
  10. Love Nature
  11. My TV Africa
  12. More
  13. My TV Series
  14. My TV Yoruba
  15. NHK World-Japan
  16. NTA
  17. RT Document
  18. Silverbird
  19. Smithsonian Channel
  20. TABU
  21. Wap TV
  22. Wazobia TV
  23. World Fashion Channels
  24. Zoomoo

For more details or to place an order for your Mytv Africa decoder, contact me. You can as well as try to install Multi-TV Ghana if you love to watch sports, Movies and TV Shows.

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