AFN Satellite: How To Watch AFN Channels From Anywhere

AFN Satellite is otherwise known as American Force Network. Most of the contents are strictly for the American Forces anywhere they find themselves. AFN Satellite is available in the U.S, Europe, Pacific, Africa And Asia. 

There’s nowhere in the part of the world you maybe find yourself and you wish to get AFN channels, then you need to point your dish to the nearest satellite. 

It has a variety of amazing contents such as Sport, Movies, Documentary, News, and others for both live events in the U.S and other countries. In this post, I will guide you on how to set up my AFN Satellite dish.

American Force Network Satellite Coverage

The signal footage of this fantastic package is available on different satellite allowing American forces to get the channels easily anywhere. The size of the dish and location will determine the satellite degree to point your dish.

AFN Satellite On Eutelsat 9A For Europe And Africa

This satellite is suitable for both European like UK, Germany, France and Africa as a whole most especially West Africa. The minimum dish size starts from 50cm to 180cm dish above.

Suppose you own a C-band dish (Big dish), you can quickly get AFN on SES 5 satellite with a minimum of 180cm dish above. For more details about other satellites where you can watch AFN refer to this page.


How To Get A Decoder To Watch AFN Channels?

The decoder can’t be purchase outside the U.S and strictly for the forces, though the streaming platform will be available soon for those that access the satellite package.

Alternatively, and good news! You can get access to watch AFN channels on some decoder like Starsat SR-X3 Extreme, Mediastar Zenon and Mediastar Phoenix.

American Force Network Satellite: How To Watch AFN Channels From Anywhere

What Can I Watch On AFN Satellite Channels?

Starting from the first channels, which is AFN prime Atlantic mostly have CBS contents that gives information about the U.S politics. It also provides information inside and around the Air U.S Forces. Prime Atlantic provides insights about the U.S celebrities.

American force network news mostly provides the latest news as the channels join any one of the top American news broadcasters like CNN, Fox News and others.

AFN Sports provides the latest sports events around the U.S mostly from FOX Sport such as MLS, MLB, WWE. It is mostly joined ESPN, ESPN 1 and ESPN 2.

AFN Sports 2 is the home of NHL and NBA powered by FOX Sport 2 and ESPN. You can watch a series of weekly film and local tv shows on Spectrum and family game night on AFN Family.


  1. A satellite dish of your choice minimum of 55cm dish above
  2. AFN Decoder or any prefered supported decoder
  3. A compass or Dishpointer to get AFN satellite details
  4. Tools like a hammer, spanners of different sizes
  5. A ladder

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How To Setup AFN Satellite Dish

  • First of all, assembling the dish and accessories.
  • Connect your decoder to the dish using coaxial cable
  • Setup, the azimuth and elevation based on the information, get from the dish pointer.
  • Proceed to AFN Decoder; Press Menu, go to Setup Menu and click Ok on “Dish Setup.”
  • Now Fine-tune or manually adjust the dish towards the information gets from installation guide or dish pointer.
  • Keep turning the dish until the signal quality rise up
  • Adjust the dish to make the signal stronger
  • Tight the bolts very well without losing signal
  • Press exit to the screen and the picture start showing instantly.

This is how you can watch AFN Satellite package anywhere in the world. Feel free to drop comments if you fail to get it working at your end.


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  1. Is any option other cheaper decoder to open AFN powervu verimatrix #4 besides that 3 decoder above Sir? Thanks for info, i lock AFN in my location now @ koreasat5a ku band in North Celebes Indonesia, unfortunately my old decoder skybox av1 stiil can open the encryption.


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