How To Customize iPhone Home Screen

One of the features iOS 14 brought is the ability to customize an iPhone’s home screen. You are probably attending a gorgeous event in a few days to come, and you like to see your iPhone home screen attractive. This post will guide you on how to completely control an iPhone’s aesthetic by changing your home screen app icons to custom ones and using widgets.

To achieve this, you must have an iPhone running at least iOS 14 (though the latest version of iOS is suitable for the job).

Is it Possible to Customize Icons on an iPhone?

Yes, A custom app icon on an iPhone screen is a shortcut outfitted in an exceptional icon. When you create a shortcut to a specific app, give the shortcut a new name and icon to differentiate it from others. 


How To Customize iPhone Home Screen Icons And Widgets Shortcuts
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How Do I Place an Icon To Customize My iPhone Home Screen?

You need to download icon images, icon packs or use any photo in the gallery as an icon’s image. Then, start customizing your home screen with the following steps.

  1. Firstly, open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone from the Utility folder or with a search. To view existing shortcuts, if any, Select All Shortcuts.

2. Select Add (+) on the top-right corner to create a new shortcut folder.

3. Select Add Action option and search for the Open App action option. Then, Click Open App and display the Scripting window.

4. In the Scripting window section of the new shortcut, tap Choose and then select the app you want to customize.

5. Select the blue three dots (…) to launch the Details screen for the app. You can now make two changes:

6. Select Done to save your changes and move back to the Details screen. 

  • Delete the default “New Shortcut” name and enter a favorite name.
  • Click on the icon and change the icon’s Color by choosing a color swatch option. Then, click Glyph to select another icon from the ObjectsPeople, and Symbols option categories.

7. Select Add to Home Screen option and preview the icon. You can click on Add again to add the shortcut app to the home screen without any other changes to its appearance on an iPhone. Instead of using the color or Glyph, you can easily customize the icon with any image or photo of your choice.

8. Press and hold the icon to open a menu. Tap on Take PhotoChoose Photo or Choose File to upload another replacement app icon image. 

9. The screen will flash a short confirmation that your app shortcut was added successfully to your home screen. Next, close the Shortcuts app interface.

10. The custom icon is now added on your home screen, and it will work like any other app icon on the iPhone. To remove the app icon, press and hold it and select Delete Bookmark from the available option.


How Can I Customize My iPhone Widgets?

iOS 14 allows users to add widgets for almost any iPhone app and show its details on the home screen. Also, it will enable you to group iPhone widgets into clean Smart Stacks to customize your iPhone home screen and see at the most crucial space.

Unlike icons, you can’t directly change the widget’s appearance. For example, you may want the same appearance of the widgets to the wallpaper and icons and then create a reliable home screen. But there are various widget apps on the App Store you can install that can help you design and choose the information they will show on the home screen. 


How To Customize iPhone Home Screen Icons And Widgets
Image Credit By Marques Brownlee

How Can I Add Custom Widgets to My iPhone Home Screen?

By default, you are navigating on an iPhone widget displaying valuable information instantly without opening the app. Also, a custom widget allows the user to add your own unique spin to the screen appearance. Widgetsmith is one of the most famous iPhone custom widget apps on the App Store, and we will use it as a case of study here.

  1. Firstly, choose the size of the widget you want to use. For instance, choose from SmallMedium, and Large Widget
  2. Choose the Default Widget and navigate through the various Styles. Choose between available styles of the time, date, weather, photos, and more.
  3. Use different menus below the Style to select the Theme of your choice.  
  4. Save the widget with this theme settings or customize it with FontTint ColorBackground ColorBorder Color, and Artwork tools.
  5. Then, go back to the initial screen (choose the arrow on the upper left corner) and select Save to save the theme. To customize the theme more, click on Customize Theme option.
  6. When you get the preferred design, go back to the previous screen, rename, and save the changes.
  7. Next, add a Widgetsmith widget option to the home screen like you’d add any other widget in the iPhone. Select an empty space on the home screen. Press and hold to enter the jiggle mode. Then, use the Add (+) button to add the generic Widgetsmith widget option. Long to Edit Widget. Select your custom widget from the dropdown menu.

That’s all. These are the steps-by-steps guides on how to customize an iPhone home screen icons and widgets starting from iOS 14.

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