Tigerstar T10 Razer Review, Specifications And Price

Tigerstar T10 Razer is one of the best digital satellite and IPTV receivers with great features. It is one of the reliable digital satellite decoders from the manufacturer. The 2020 year edition comes in a different way of having green carton color with both autorole Biss, PowerVU, and 15-month Forever serve. Aside from this, the Tigerstar T10 Razer receiver comes with a 1month free Apollo IPTV and 12-month Myhd IPTV. It supports multi-stream channels embedded with DVBS-2X and T2MI features.


Tigerstar T10 Razer Key Specs:

  • DVBS/DVBS-2/DVB-S2X Modulator
  • Single Tuner with T2-MI 
  • Ali chipset CPU
  • Support HEVC H.265 codec compliance
  • Support 4K HDR Player while streaming on Youtube or IPTV
  • Autorole Biss And PowerVU
  • Support IPTV Protocols such as Myhd IPTV, Haha IPTV, Oscar IPTV, Atlas IPTV, Apollo IPTV, etc.
  • Support Sat2IPTV
  • 15 month Forever Server
  • Multi-Languages
  • HDMI and AV jerk
  • Wifi, 3G/4G USB connection
  • Youtube
  • Diseqc 1.0/1.1 USALS
  • Support G-MScreen mobile app to view channels on TV


Tiger T10 Razer Review

Body And Design

Unboxing the Tigerstar T10 Razer shows that the receiver is in black portable. It shows that the receiver is mini to the extent that the portable does not degrade the functions. We found the Tiger T10 Razer receiver opening the carton, two remote control, HDMI Cable, USB Wifi, a Power Adapter, and an IR interface.

Most of the port needs to be connected before use for the first installation. The vent holes are situated beneath to avoid over-heating.


It features the most famous and powerful chipset that powers the Tigerstar T10 Razer receiver and the unbeatable forever server. The server can open the Skysport and BT Sport on NSS 12 at 57E. And also, Skysport UK is opening on this receiver.

Tigerstar T10 Razer Receiver Specifications

Autorole Biss and PowerVU keys are constantly updated through the internet via the softcam update menu. Tigerstar T10 Razer is accompanied by the latest technology modulator called Multi-stream. That’s the ability to get hide channels like Max TV, GTV Sport plus on Astra 2F at 28.2e.

Most of the channels on Belintersat 1 At 51.5E are confirmed working fine on Tigerstar T10 Razer with the help of H.265 and Forever Server. It includes TStv and Moreplex in the same location, you can watch this video clip for more details.

The 4K HDR player option lets you stream YouTube or watch 4K channels on the IPTV platform. However, this feature is not applicable to view 4K channels on the satellite platform.

Free IPTV With Subscription Code On Tiger T10 Razer Receiver:

  • HAHA IPTV 3days
  • Myhd IPTV 1month free 
  • APPOLO IPTV 1 Month free
  • Xtream (Rook IPTV) 12-month
Tiger T10 Razer Price

Pricing And Availability

The Tigerstar T10 Razer receiver’s unit price is $95 without shipping to any country. You have to contact me to calculate the shipping fee for you.


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  1. Can it open AFN channel with encryption PwerVu Verimatrix #4 @Koreasat5a 113 w Ku band ? If can & guaranteed i’ll purchase it immediately. Thanks sir


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