Tiger T3000 Forever 4k Android Receiver Review

Tiger T3000 Forever has an android 7.1 and satellite receiver with a Rockchip processor. The company was the first to have introduced a hybrid satellite receiver integrated with 4K, android O.S, and Forever IKS server.

I will review Tiger T3000 Forever, its Key specs, and the price in this post. Let’s move on.

Key Specification

  • Built-in with DVB-S2 and Android modulators
  • Has Android 7.12 O.S
  • ARM Cortex-A9 CPU up to 1GHz frequency
  • 3D Graphics Processor A52
  • Quad-core Rockchip RK322X CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • Has CA Slot
  • Support H.265 Codec
  • Support 4K*2K@60fpd, 10bit decoding
  • Maximum 4 Channels HD Decoding simultaneously supported
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity
  • Built-in Google Play Store
  • Google Search, Web Browser, Email Supported
  • 15-Month Forever Server (IM.40) version
  • 6-Month Apollo IPTV
  • 12-Month Myhd IPTV
  • 12-Month Top Sport, Top 10, Batman, and Bego IPTV
  • Built-in Netflix
  • Support DLNA, MirCast, Airplay, G-MScreen, Air Sync Remote-Z
  • Support Multimedia, YouTube, Weather forecast, OTA, and USB Upgrade.


Tiger T3000 4K Android and Satellite Receiver

Tiger T3000 Forever Review: Design

The body of this box is made of plastic, which aids its lightweight. No stylish color as the whole body is black except the text is white. While unboxing Tiger T3000 Forever, I found 2-remote control, an HDMI cable, a power adapter, a user manual, a warranty card, and a Tiger T3000 Forever box inside the carton.

Looking around the box, I found a DVB-S2 modulator (LNB-IN) port, HDMI port, AV Jerk port, and 12 DV ports at the backside. The power and channels button is on the top of the box. Vents holes are placed at the side with 2X USB ports.

Hardware And Software

Tiger T3000 Forever 4K android and satellite receiver have Android 7.1 and Rockchip 322x CPU. ARM Cortex A9 boosts the receiver’s speed while booting and operation response. The system memory is 2GB RAM, while the internal storage is 16GB.

The 4K resolution offer crystal clear picture while watching channels. There’s the capability to play media content with H.265 format.

You can watch channels on your mobile and control your Tiger T3000 Forever using Air Sync Remote Z.

Built-in Forever Server (IM.40) Version

The IKS inside the T3000 Forever 4K Android and satellite receiver is a 15-month Forever Server. The (IM) here also supports the Forever VIP package purposely for watching premium channels like Bein and *stv on Nilesat 7W, and Eutelsat 36A, respectively. Also, Sky Italia on Hotbird 13e, SKY Germany, and Sky UK on Astra 19e are under the control of Forever VIP. Tiger T3000 Forever 4K receiver is the best option if you’re looking for the box.

The regular IKS Server Pro is capable of opening channels across the world. You can watch premium channels on Hotbird, Astra, Eutelsat 16A, Thor 1W, Belintersat, etc. In case, you’re looking for a budget receiver, considering buying Mediastar Gazal 40 Forever Plus. It has everything you need but no android O.S.

IPTV On Tiger T3000 Forever

Apollo5 IPTV is the same as F.tv on an android satellite receiver on the box. It has six months of Apollo IPTV. 15-month Top Ten, Top Sport, Batman, Bego, and Myhd IPTV.

Pricing And Availability

A unit price is $250 without the shipping, and Tiger T3000 Forever 4K receiver is available in stock. You can contact me to place your order.

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15 thoughts on “Tiger T3000 Forever 4k Android Receiver Review”

  1. Hello

    My question is: Does the software on this receiver “V3.1.3” upon activation support VIP channels? Because dealers are saying no VIP on Forever 140 is on it upon purchase and activation.
    Please kindly confirm

    Thanks a lot

  2. I just got a tiger t3000 forever fta works great so does biss but powervu will find the keys but it will not play the channel it will freeze Quality is 95 to 99 all updated. I’m in the USA

  3. Hi, I still can’t get powervu to work the only thing I can’t set is NTSC for north America it all we goes back to PAL so the resolution is wrong . powervu will play for just a little bit the Mbps will show numbers put it cuts out it shows 0 Mbps I have a Wegoo that has to set to 1080p for powervu to play so I hoping it’s a soft ware problem. Thanks


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